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How Do I Get Enough Protein Each Day?

How Do I Get Enough Protein Each Day?

Your body does not store protein. During digestion it is converted to amino acids and sent to amino acid “pools” in your muscles.  These “pools” are like a sink without a drain plug.  They are in constant need of replenishing as your body uses the amino acids for a variety of functions.

Determine the amount you need…a good rule for most people is one gram of protein for each pound of body weight. 

Example for 130 pound person to get 130 grams per day.  Divide the day into manageable parts, 130/5 = 26
In a simplified way of looking at it: Eat 26 grams of protein 5 times a day… or, if you prefer,  65 grams in the first half of day and 65 grams in second half of day.

2 eggs  16 grams

Post workout:
Scoop and a half of Wholeistic protein drink - 27 grams

Quest protein bar - 20 grams

3 oz turkey breast - 25 grams
½ cup of black beans - 12 grams

 2 TBSP almond butter - 7 grams

3 oz of salmon - 25 grams

This is 122 grams of protein…you will make up the rest with fruits, vegetables, put nuts on your salad, etc. 

Most vegetables are insignificant in amounts of protein (1-2 grams) but if you are getting 5 - 8 servings per day, you will get 8-10 grams of protein from vegetables. 

Many fruits and vegetables have a complete amino acid profile.  Even if it is small amounts - it is a contributor to the body’s need for constant supply of the 20 amino acids.  The body takes those 20 amino acids and makes infinite combinations to keep it functioning at optimum mental and physical levels.

Get to know your food…
The following 2 pages are a list of some the most often consumed proteins.  If there are some not listed and you’d like to look it up.  Go to www.nutritiondata.self.com
Enter the food in the food name bar and push search (don’t worry about food category)  You will see the facts page pop up.  Make sure you check the serving size bar for the size you need.
Look at the other graphs.  The amino acid profile is shown under protein quality.  The nutrient density (your nutrition “bang for the buck”) is shown under nutrient balance.
Learn the values of some of your favorite protein choices!

Wholeistic Protein Drink  18 grams per scoop
Quest Protein bar   20 grams
Natra Tech bar    11 grams

Animal Protein: ( these values are for 3 oz portions)
Turkey      25 grams
Chicken    23 grams
Veal          20 grams
Salmon    17 grams
Beef          23 grams
Lamb chops   28 grams
Pork Tenderloin  21 grams
Bison       23 grams
Tuna        20 grams
Eggs          8 grams

Beans 1 cup  (varies)  15 grams - 20 grams
Edamame  1 cup  = 16 grams

Cottage Cheese   ½ cup = 13 grams
cheddar cheese  1 slice = 7 grams  
Greek yogurt   15 grams

Steel Cut oats   ¼ cp = 5 grams
 Udi’s Flax/chia Bread  1 slice = 3 grams
Ezekial Bread  1 slice = 4 grams
Quinoa (cooked)  1 cup = 8 grams

Nuts and Seeds:
Almonds  ¼ cup = 8 grams
Walnuts  ¼  cup = 4.5 grams
Pumpkin seeds  ¼ cup = 10 grams
Chia Seeds  2 TBSP = 6 grams  (grind and add to smoothies)
Hemp seeds 3 TBSP = 10 grams (grind and add to smoothies)
Flax seeds  2 TBSP - 3 grams   (“)

Other Plant foods:
Avocado 1 whole = 7 grams
Tahini (sesame paste that's in Hummus)  2 TBSP = 5 grams
Kale (raw chopped)  2 cups = 4 grams

Written By: Cheryl Ladue 
(Elite Fitness and Performance Nutrition Coach)

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